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Yoga or Pilates Difference

How do you decide Yoga or Pilates ? Difference?

Yoga and Pilates may look alike to someone not knowing much about either but there are so difference so knowing what’s best for you can be only decided by testing it out.

Lifestyle experts Gaiam say the biggest difference between the two fitness practices is the ultimate goal. According to their website, yoga is more focused on meditation (and would not even necessarily be categorized as fitness), while Pilates is more centered around mind-body awareness stemming from your ‘core’.

On the chart in the full article (link below) it stresses how you would benefit from either in slightly unique variances. In yoga, you arch your spine on exercises and with pilates you round your spine. From my experiences with postural and dynamic reflex work and their affects with regards to a  a variety of disabilities i can visualize creating my own work out to suit my own needs.

That way you could have the best of both worlds so to speak!

Yoga or Pilates

Which do you prefer yoga or pilates? Feel free to comment below:

Special Thanks to  Joy D’Souza atHuffington Post Canada  check out the article to see an info graphic showing more differences