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Pop Pilates is Popping Up

Pop Pilates is Popping Up Around The U.S. and It’s starting to get noticed in Canada

Recently, in Petawawa, Ontario participants sat outside in high temperatures to partake in  an outdoor pop pilates session. This seems like a very interesting form of pilates. I look forward to finding someone who is trained to do this, especially since each class is designed to be the same. I wonder how well that will go due to people and their creative styles. I can see others wanting to adapt it to their way.

In the meantime, it looks like this group had a great time enjoying the fresh air and exercise to music.

Local instructor Stephanie Schultz was pleased with the number of participants.

“It went so well,” says Schultz. “We had 40 people, it was really hot, but they did amazing. A lot of people had never done it before, but my rule was to breathe and have fun, and that’s what everyone did. It was great.”

What is pop pilates?

Pop pilates is a relatively new fitness phenomenon that got its start on YouTube, promoted by prominent online fitness instructor Cassey Ho. It’s an upbeat twist on a familiar (for some) exercise style.

“Pop pilates takes classical pilates to a whole new level,” explains Schultz. “It’s the best pilates exercises combined with this attitude of dance, and it’s all choreographed to top-40 music. Every time you stop in to a pop pilates class, no matter the instructor, you should have the same feel and the same moves.”


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